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High-Quality Non-Woven Wipes for Cleaning & Wiping

Keeping our residences and industrial spaces clean and hygienic should be one of our responsibilities as residents or owners. Thus, at Anya Products, we provide non-woven wipes of excellent quality in Dublin.

Our products are affordable and can be a game-changer in cleaning and wiping. We are one of the region’s most preferred places to shop for cleaning and hygiene-related products.

Our products come in various preferable sizes which are convenient for cleaning. Apart from non-woven paper products, we also sell industrial paper products. Therefore if you are looking for industrial cleaning wipes in Dublin, do not look any further and shop our products.

List of our Industrial Cleaning Wipes & Non-Woven Wipes

These are the different non-woven wipes we can provide you with:

Wet Wipes- Quality: Viscose-polyester. These are soft and durable and perfect for wiping different types of stains. One box consists of 4 buckets and 150 wipes. There are 200 buckets in every pallet.

Polishing Wipe Extra (72 gr/m2)-Quality: Viscose-polyester, The size is 29 x 400 cm. There are 500 wipes in total. There is 1 roll in each pack and 42 rolls in every pallet. These work perfectly for polishing. These are soft and durable and help in smooth and scratch-free polishing. Thus comes in hole structure and thus provides fluff-free polishing.

Polishing Wipe Extra (72 gr/m2)- Quality: Viscose-polyester. The size of these wipes is about 34cm x 36 cm. These come in ΒΌ fold and box-packed with 12 x 25 wipers. Each pallet has 42 boxes. These non-woven wipes are perfect for fluff-free polishing. This can be used in body works. These are made out of viscose polyester and are of high quality and durability.

Tex (78 gr/m2)- Quality: Polypropylene. The size of these non-woven wipes is 40cm x 42cm. These come in Z-fold, box-packed with 12 x 35 wipers. Every pallet has 36 boxes. These industrial cleaning wipes effectively clean different chemical substances, grease or oil, and even solvents. An advantage of using these non-woven wipes is that they can be reused and are resistant to chemicals. These have amazing absorption quality and are durable.

Tex (78 gr/m2)- Quality :Polypropylene. These wipes are 32 x 38 cm, and there are 500 sheets in total. Every pack has a single roll and 36 rolls in every pallet. These are strong and durable and can be reused. Tex can be used to clean harsh chemicals, oil stains, etc. These absorb perfectly and are fluff-free.

Cebin (81 gr/m2)- Quality: Recycled tissue. These come in sizes of 33 x 40 cm and 4ply. One box is 10 kgs, and there are 42 boxes in every pallet. These cleaning wipes are of high quality and can be easily afforded. These are durable and easy to use and can be used to wipe different kinds of stains.

Cebin white (81 gr/m2)-Quality: Recycled tissue. The size of these wipes is 30 x 38 cm, 4ply. There are 700 sheets in total. Each pack has two rolls, and each pallet has 60 rolls. These non-woven wipes have excellent absorption quality and can be used for various cleaning and wiping purposes.