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Easy to Use Janitorial Products for Effective Cleaning

Residences or properties that people visit daily need regular cleaning. However, sometimes waste is not enough to clean a place, especially when concerned about hygiene. At Anya Products, we supply different kinds of janitorial products in Dublin. These products are not only helpful in cleaning your properties but also help in maintaining the hygiene of the place.
At Anya Products, we sell products perfect for industrial cleaning in Dublin. Our range includes non-woven wipes, industrial paper products, industrial wipes and rags, and so on.
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Which Janitorial Products Do we Supply?

Cream soap pink: These janitorial soaps come packaged in a can. One can is of 10 lite. Each pallet contains 60 cans. This cream soap removes stubborn marks, stains, grease, and so on. Cream soap on commercial or residential floors will help keep your properties safe and clean.

Garagesoap: This comes box-packed.The packing consists of 6 drums, each of 3 kgs. If hygienic cleaning is the motto, these janitorial products are the right choice for you. Garage soap can be used for multiple cleaning purposes. It can easily remove grimes and other stubborn garage stains like stubborn oil and grease marks.
Garagesoap: This product is packed in buckets; each bucket consists of 10 litres of garage soap. There are 52 buckets in every pallet. Garages quickly get unclean with oil stains, grease marks, tyre prints, etc. This product helps clean all such garage stains and stains. Adapter for Eco fills hand towel roll dispenser-Quality: Plastic. This adapter goes well with all kinds of hand towel roll dispensers. These are made of high-quality plastic and are durable and convenient to use. Adapter for Interfold handtowel dispenser-Quality: Plastic. This adapter is made of good quality plastic and can be used with different interfold hand towel dispensers.
Soap dispenser white, 500 ml refillable-Quality: Plastic. These dispensers are perfect for liquid soaps and can hold 500 ml of soap. The plastic used to make dispensers
Soap dispenser white, 1000 ml refillable-Quality: Plastic. This great-quality soap dispenser can hold up to 1000ml of liquid soap and are refillable.
Dispenser white for toilet rolls-Quality: metal. These are long-lasting metal dispensers. These are perfect for use in homes, hotels, schools, public toilets, and so on.
Handtowel roll dispenser ‘ Autocut ‘-Quality: plastic. These are well-designed and are perfect for use in kitchens. With this auto-cut dispenser, you will not have to contact the dispenser to get off the towel. They are hygienic to use, hold well-cut kitchen towels, and dispense them effectively.
Duo-dispenser for toilet rolls-Quality: plastic. These dispensers can be perfectly designed, keeping the hygiene factor in mind. These are built with high-quality plastics and are durable and easy to use.
Dispenser for industrial rolls-Quality: plastic. These are designed to fit all kinds of paper rolls used for industrial purposes.
Dispenser white for Bulkpack toilet paper-Quality: plastic. These are easy-to-use toilet paper dispensers. These can be easily fitted or installed for dispensing toilet tissues.
Dispenser white for handtowel rolls-Quality: plastic. These hand towel dispensers are attractive and long-lasting. These can be used for maintaining hygiene in all places like residences, schools, toilets, restaurants, etc.
Dispenser white for Jumbo toilet rolls-Quality: plastic. These dispensers are perfect for holding blk or jumbo toilet rolls. These are made of good quality plastic and thus are not fragile and last for years.
Midi-dispenser white for handtowel rolls Midi-Quality: plastic. These are eco-friendly and hygienic handtowel dispensers. Perfect for use in kitchens and toilets.
Mini-dispenser white for handtowel rolls Mini-Quality: plastic. These are long-lasting, convenient-to-use towel dispensers. These janitorial products are great for maintaining hygiene and promoting good health in all types of residential and commercial areas.
Wall dispenser blue for industrial rolls-Quality: metal. These types of wall dispensers can be used for kitchens as well as in medical units. These can hold industrial paper rolls in bulk.
Floordispenser blue for industrial rolls-Quality: metal. These floor-standing dispensers are made up of durable metal. These can be used to hold large quantities of industrial wiping rolls.
Pump/wall dispenser for 3 kg drum garage soap-Quality: metal. These wall-mounted soap dispensers can be used for storing and dispensing garage soap.
Lid with pump for 10 kg bucket garage soap-Quality: plastic
Paper waste basket white- Quality: metal