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Industrial Wipers and Rags for Effective Commercial Cleaning

Commercial or industrial spaces should be kept clean and maintained as they quickly get dirty due to the various industrial activities that occur regularly. If you are searching for the right place to shop for cleaners like cleaning clothes and rags in Dublin, consider choosing Anya Products.

Here at Anya Products, we can help you find industrial wipers and rags of excellent quality. Our clients prefer us for the variety of industrial cleaning supplies we can provide at affordable prices.

We have a great variety of industrial wipes and cleaning cloths in sizes and colours. By choosing us, you can shop for clothes of different colours and sizes ranging from 35 cm x 35 cm to 38 cm to 40 cm. Therefore, if you want industrial wipes cleaning cloths in Dublin, we can help you out.

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What are the Different Products that we Sell?

The various types of industrial wipes and rags that we can offer are mentioned below:

White Light or Dark Coloured Wraps: The size of these clothes is around 38 x 40 cm. The weight of one of these boxes is 10kgs. Every box contains 500 wipers, and each palette has 30 bags. In the case of needle punch wipers, we use great quality textile fibres, which are later processed into standard wipes. These industrial wipes or cleaning cloths are incredibly soft and have great absorption quality. These are perfect for industries like the automotive industry, building trade, and so on.

Coloured Wiping Rags: These are thin wiping rags used to clean oil or other fluids used in industries. These are made out of cotton and thus are extremely soft and easy to use.

Household Cloth (145g/m2) Blue Pink or Yellow: The size of these cleaning cloths is 38 cm x 40 cm. The weight of one bag is around 10 kgs. Each pallet consists of 25 bags.

Needle Punch Wipers Coloured: The size of these industrial wipers and rags is 35 x 35 cm. Each bale approximately weighs 25 kgs. These wipers are made of new textile fibres and are soft and easy to use. These wipers can be resued and are of high quality. These can be used in the automotive industry, metallurgical factories, workshops, etc.

Thin polo tricot wiping Rags: (Information Not Found)

White Turkish Towel Rags: These are one of the most used industrial wipers and rags. These tricot is warping rags and durable. These eco-friendly rags can be used in general shops, factories, automotive industries, and other industrial wiping.

1st and 2nd Quality white cotton wiping rags: (Information Not Found)

1st and 2nd Quality white cotton sheeting rags: (Information Not Found)