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About Anya Products

Anya Products is a totally family owned company who are the premier suppliers of Industrial Cleaning Wipes, Rags and Polishing Cloths to all trades throughout Ireland, from large manufacturing plants to the mechanic working on his own, and because all our wipes are graded we can supply you with the wipe you need for any application.


We have approximately 20 different grades of cloth wipes alone in our range.


Because we do not have the large and costly overheads which other companies have we can also supply our products far cheaper than any of our competitors.


For example we can supply pressed bales of re-cycled 100% cotton wipes for as little as € 5.00 each. We also Supply 100% COTTON NEW VIRGIN CLOTH WIPES cheaper than what re-cycled wipes were costing a few years ago.


New Virgin Cloth Wipes is your guarantee that there is absolutely no danger of contamination, there are no buttons, zips, fasteners, seems, cuffs, collars, waistbands or any other undesirable items, so for health and safety reasons alone they have proven to be far better value for money than re-cycled wipes, as well as for peace of mind. Furthermore we are probably the only supplier in Ireland who can guarantee consistency of supply of 100%, COTTON, WHITE Single Jersey VIRGIN CLOTH (smooth tee-shirt material) Wipes at the best price in Ireland.

We always have WHITE TURKISH TOWEL WIPES in stock for the Contract Cleaning Business.


We also supply a complete range of non woven wipes, the full range of Sontara-Dupont products, as well as special wipes for the Pharmaceutical, Computer and Food industries. Enclosed is just a partial list of our range of products ,but ,if what you are looking for is not included just give Michael a call on 086/3891139.


You are also invited to phone if you have any other queries and I would be delighted to call to you to discuss your query with absolutely NO OBLIGATION to buy any product.



                                                   We have the wipe for ANY application


                                      “NOBODY  CAN  EVEN  MATCH  OUR  PRICES !!!!”