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Industrial Cleaning Supplies in Dublin

Anya Products is a totally family owned company who are the premier Industrial Cleaning Supplies in Dublin of Industrial Cleaning Wipes, Rags and Polishing Cloths to all trades throughout Ireland, from large manufacturing plants to the mechanic working on his own, and because all our wipes are graded we can supply you with the wipe you need for any application.


We also supply in pallet lots at wholesale prices.


We are highly recommended , we offer only the highest grade Industrial Cleaning Supplies in Dublin, industrial cleaning Wipes, Rags , Cleaning Cloths and Hygiene Products and supply them NATIONWIDE including  NORTHERN  IRELAND.


For quality cleaning and janitorial products NATIONWIDE, look no further than Anya Products.


Contact us today if we can be of service, nobody can even MATCH  our prices! 


                                                We have the wipe for ANY application